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A Lesson from the Seagull

Standing on the beach,
The white sand between my toes.
I see the blueness of the water,
Which differ to the blueness of the sky.

I wander along the beach front,
The surf crashing upon the shore
Bringing back  childhood memories
Of playing in the waves.

What I see on my journey today,
Is many footprints in the sand.
As well as tiny shells and bits of grit,
All washed in from the sea.

Ahead of me are seagulls,
Perhaps there are two or even three.
Yet one of the seagulls concerns me,
Sitting alone nestled in the sand.

I wonder if this seagull is injured,
As it doesn’t seem to move.
This seagull stays motionless and very still
So I decide to walk towards it.

This seagull doesn’t fly away,
Instead it stands. It tells me, “I’m okay.”
I realise the seagull was just chilling,
Enjoying the sun, the scenery and the sand.

Something us humans need to do,
Is to take a lesson from this seagull.
That is to be in the moment, and enjoy the world,
And allow everything to be.

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