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Mary Kataleen – listener who called in on 2BACR 100.9 FM

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Radio Listener who called into 2BACRFM

Despite never owning a dog

I really enjoyed reading this book despite never owning a dog. So many of my friends do so I had to buy more than one copy of course and I know they’re going to enjoy them so much when they arrive in the post. Thank you for a brilliant story from a dog’s perspective.
Joyce, Emu Plains- 19 March 2020

A touching read

Heart breaking one moment and heart warming the next, this is a touching read for animal lovers of all ages.
Penny, Revesby - 15 March 2020

Great read for animal lovers and alike…

From picking this up you will find yourself immersed in Teida's life from moving in with Annie through all the ups and downs! Great read for animal lovers and alike.
Kris, Revesby - 10 Feb 2020

Very good story

Very good story. looking through the eyes of a dog. just wonderful.
Sandy,  Brisbane - 17 June 2019

I gave myself Teida’s Story for Christmas

Just wanted to let you know I gave myself Teida’s Story for Christmas and have just finished it. What can I was just beautiful and so heart wrenching yet so joyful, I loved it all. I have my own beautiful boy Frankie who came into my life when I was very low and who I believe saved me, so I know how imperative and special dogs are in our lives. Bless you and thank you again xxx
Libby, Coogee - 3 April 2019

A unique bond between humans and their pets

Teida’s Story is a beautiful book about the unique bond between humans and their pets as told through the eyes of a dog. Teida was already six-years-old when swept away from her original owner and her puppy friends. She was forced to live with Annie, who doesn’t even like dogs, but they learn to love each other and a develop beautiful sharing relationship. Teida’s Story in based on the real-life experiences of author, Danielle Corrie.
New Holland Publishers - 20 November 2018

Education makes you strong in mind and character

I have known author Danielle Corrie through work related positions for many years. She has proved that education comes in different ways and those early years only make you strong in mind and character. I shared her grief with Teida at the time. Danielle has written Teida`s Story from the heart. I have purchased and read this book and now so pleased that I did.
Wal Browning OAM, Padstow - 20 November 2018

Teida’s Story: Life Through the Eyes of a Dog

It’s a glorious spring morning, but Linda’s pet dog – Teida – knew something was amiss. The feeling of unease was strong.

Uncanny it may be, but man’s best friend can also be intuitive. At least, that’s the premise of Corrie’s book. Teida’s Story is the touchingly distinctive tale of a Staffordshire as seen through her own doggy eyes. Teida shares her story from when she was a young, excited puppy to her first six years of life with her original owner before being whisked away without warning.

Misgivings occur in the car and we ‘read’ Teida’s thoughts. “…This time, Linda decides to drive in a different direction to our normal routine. Instead of turning left we turn right. Instead of driving up a very steep hill, we are on a flatter yet bumpier road passing a shopping center I have never seen before … Something just doesn’t seem right…”

Teida is dropped off in the garden with Annie – a lady who has never owned a dog before and who spends her days working all day. Lonely and confused, Teida wonders if she will ever have a family who loves her.

Teida forms a strong bond, finds a family and connection with Annie. Together they grow, learn and experience love, friendship, intuition, spirituality, faith and even death on their heart-warming adventure together.

Energetic young dog with a heart full of love, Teida grows to give comfort to all those around her and to discover many things about the nature of the universe. A touching tale about connections of the soul between animals and humans, Teida’s Story explores relationships, loss, grief, excitement and pure joy from the perspective of one very special dog.
Rama Gaind, PSNews

You are so clever for writing such a book

I showed your book to all my family and they all think you are so clever for writing such a book.
TB, Chipping Norton - 27 June 2018

Animals and exceptional love

This genre-traversing book displays the exceptional love between animals and the friendships that give fulfilment to our lives
Paul, Glebe - 9 December 2017

A heart warming journey – peace after Webster

What a heart warming journey Teida takes us on. Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Do you long to know if your dog knows what's going on? Well, this book is a must read. It's helped me find peace too with the passing of my beloved Webster. Thank you Danielle for sharing this beautiful story.
Amy, Victoria -  5 December 2017

A Journey

After reading Teida's Story, she takes us on a journey of an emotional, spiritual & sometimes funny look at life from her feelings. At times it brought tears to my eyes. Wonderfully written Dani.
John, Coogee - 24 October 2017

The experiences of a sensitive dog

I enjoyed this story of the wonder dog Teida and her “mum” very much. It brought to life the experiences of a sensitive dog relating to those who were part of her life. An excellent and well written book.
Father Pax, Paddington - 22 October 2017

An emotional and heart warming journey

"Teida's Story... an emotional and heart warming journey. Congratulations Dani..."
Esper, Coogee - 2 October 2017

Life, love, loss and loneliness through the eyes of a dog

Teida's story, is a book about life, love, loss and loneliness through the eyes of a dog. It is an easy, pleasurable read that at times brought tears to my eyes. Grab yourself a copy and escape into the tail (pun intended) of Teida's story.
Amber, Milperra - 15 September 2017

A book about ….. written from a sister’s point of view

I have just finished reading Teida’s Story, the first book written by my beautiful sister Danielle Corrie. In its simplicity there is much wisdom, insight and healing. It is a book about the love and deep friendship that Annie and her dog Teida share. For anyone who has ever had an animal you know the depth of unconditional love that your animal friend can give; you will empathise, understand and share in the challenges, hopes and losses that Teida shares with Annie. It is book about emotions - about love, friendship, sickness, loneliness and grief. It is a book that will make you smile and cry. It is a book about the immense healing powers that dogs / animals can and do have on peoples lives. When no one else is there.. it is your animal friend that will give you more love than you possibly could ever know. It is a book that will make you look at death and loneliness in different way, and praise our fury friends for their unconditional love, protection and help during such times when humans are no where to be seen. Danielle Corrie has been able to capture innocence, friendship and truth in her book - Teida’s Story. Grab yourself a copy. Let your heart cry, smile, heal and reach out.. That’s what makes this book special.
Sam, Coogee - 18 July 2017

A book that can’t be put down

“I found the book interesting, compelling, beautiful, full of love and friendship. Towards the end I cried. I thought it was beautiful. I could not put the book down and read it in 5.5 hours.”

Helen, Greenacre - 29 June 2017

A beautiful and unique story…

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