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About Danielle Corrie

Danielle is a published author and writer, dog and animal lover, nature enthusiast and business owner. She was born and raised in Sydney Australia. Throughout her whole life from childhood to an adult, Danielle has always been surrounded by family pets big and small, from dogs to peach-face parrots, to an aviary of budgerigars and even a goat, duck and turtle who lived in the family home. As a result, Danielle became a lover of animals. In particular Danielle has a personal affinity with dogs, who automatically connect to her gentle nature and temperament.

In addition, Danielle liaises with many people, both young and old, who have a variety of pets. These animals teach Danielle how to read different animal’s energy, improving her animal intuition skills. In addition, many people Danielle has met, like Danielle, have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one who has passed away. As a result, Danielle has further developed her connection to the spirit world. Through her interest in connecting to the other side, Danielle was approached to participate in a documentary called Psychics in the Suburbs which was televised in November 2016 on ABC2 as part of the and in December 2020 has been aired internationally through PopDoc TV

Danielle’s education includes completing a Diploma of Management, Certificate III in Aged Care, Palliative Care Skill Set, as well as MOOC online courses in Preventing Dementia and Understanding Dementia. On a personal level Danielle is qualified in Reiki I and II. She has also completed workshops in Aromatouch Massage Technique and Indian Head Massage. In addition Danielle assists people with writing their resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV’s), as well as with proofreading and essay writing. Through much encouragement from one particular person who proved to Danielle that she is a writer, Danielle has now written and published her first book Teida’s Story.

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