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A book about ….. written from a sister’s point of view

I have just finished reading Teida’s Story, the first book written by my beautiful sister Danielle Corrie.
In its simplicity there is much wisdom, insight and healing. It is a book about the love and deep friendship that Annie and her dog Teida share. For anyone who has ever had an animal you know the depth of unconditional love that your animal friend can give; you will empathise, understand and share in the challenges, hopes and losses that Teida shares with Annie. It is book about emotions – about love, friendship, sickness, loneliness and grief. It is a book that will make you smile and cry. It is a book about the immense healing powers that dogs / animals can and do have on peoples lives. When no one else is there.. it is your animal friend that will give you more love than you possibly could ever know. It is a book that will make you look at death and loneliness in different way, and praise our fury friends for their unconditional love, protection and help during such times when humans are no where to be seen.
Danielle Corrie has been able to capture innocence, friendship and truth in her book – Teida’s Story. Grab yourself a copy. Let your heart cry, smile, heal and reach out.. That’s what makes this book special.

Sam, Coogee – 18 July 2017

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